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I love adventures. All of them: climbing mountains, scuba diving, jumping from airplanes, or simply traveling to remote places and spending time in nature.  I also love martial arts, which I used to practice.


But things have changed, and now I take photos of the same things I used to do myself.  I take photos of action sports, especially martial arts, and I love sitting outdoors, watching, waiting for the moment to capture an animal or a bird. This website tries to capture this dichotomy between action photography and the tranquil mindset required to capture nature.

Click above to hire me for martial arts or other action sports photography, taken in the gym, dojo, outdoors, or in a studio.  I serve the wider Sydney area.

Click above to hire me for architecture photography in the wider Sydney area.

Click above to hire me for print or digital download of the picture you love

Reaching for the clouds 4.jpg
Ran Fuchs photography with FujiFilm XH1
Ran Fuchs photography portrait
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