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Four more days to my Rauma exhibition (Finland)

After nearly two months in Old Rauma, Finland, the time has come for my next exhibition THOSAND WORDS OF SNOW (TUHAT SANAA LUMELLE). In this photography exhibition I tried to capture in photos a few of the many hundreds #Finnish terms for snow and ice.

The opening will be in the town of Old Rauma, Finland on Feb 23rd and will remain on display until March 23rd. The exhibition will include 20+ of my snow and ice photos, and of three local photographers: Teemu Laulajainen Altti A. Salo and Raimo Sundelin

As long as weather allows, the opening will be outdoors near the marketplace of old Rauma. So don't forget to come if you have a chance.

Thank you RaumArs Artist in Residence Programme

for all your support and for making it happen.

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